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A place for Feed Back.

Working collaboratively means there needs to be a place with people can write down their ideas, work on processes and procedures, outline plans, store information that is in transitional and provide information that is a finished form that others can use.

Every page in this wiki has the 'Page' and then a 'Discussion' behind that page where we can talk about and refine the page. Every edit of every page is kept, so if some one makes a mistake and deletes things that should not have been we can get them back.

So for a discussion on this page, what do we want on the first page of the wiki.

I think it would be good to have a kind of terms and conditions page so people visiting this wiki can have an understanding as to what this is about and what this is NOT about.


We have the Google doc for things that are in the planning stage.

On the other had the Discussion pages behind each wiki page is where we all can have ongoing conversations about what the pages of the wiki are to contain. Derek you will notice that I have added you to the watch list on this page, every time it is edited you will get an email. If this becomes too much then we can remove the watch, the idea though is to give responsibility for the content of this website to several people so as to lighten the burden on all.

Let me know what you think

Wiki Sections

The landing page for the wiki, this one, called Main Page, needs what information and pictures in it?

An aside, the very first page of the website,, has no pictures. We need some suitable pcitures, better still a small slide show like at this site:

Appropriate Technology Village ~ Aquaponics ~ Natural Farm ~ Science and Technology

Our Site




Special Parts of the Page