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We are seeking to gather information on the use of Aquaponics with in YWAM and around the world.

If you have information on this project please follow this link to let us know.

Or you can contact me directly: Thanks



Here you are seeing the garden area of our location with the covering to protect from hash rain and the larger garden to the right. At the back you can see the chicken area that we have been developing.


Below you can see the contrstution of the the chicken shed, the concrete floor is about to be poured, after that most of the heavy work is done for chicken house.

Pokhara02.png Pokhara03.png

Pokhara04.png Pokhara05.png

Kheman is running the Chicken Farm and doing a great job with the Hatching machine.

When we first tried it we had a bit of an issue getting it to work, but some more effort and the second time it is working. Now Kheman has used it and could really use a bigger one.

Wow, and now we have over 500 chicks!

Sack Gardens


We are also doing a few sack gardens and our lettuce and tomato are growing well.


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