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We kind of go by a number of different names.

We started out as Science Tech Kona. In all the names we have we are part of the Campus at University of the Nations, Kona. We are all YWAMers of one form or another, part time full time, associates, volenteers. None of us get paid for what we do, we all feel called by Jesus to be doing what we are doing. It is his love for us and the fellowship we can have becuase of Him that encourages us live as we do. Equally as we live like this we all have interesting sories about how, in our faith walks, we have seen our creator provide for us on a daily bases.

Who else are we?

We also go by Life Empowering Science & Technology. Or LETS for short. This website may be found as [http:/sciencetechkona.org] or as [http:/lets.news]. Both are the same place.

With in LETS we also have:

  • Appropriate Technology Village
  • Aquaponics
  • GoMidwife
  • Natural Farm Training Centre
  • Self Replicating Workshop