Permaculture Design

We want to help hungry people grow food. Our focus is on developing and teaching small scale gardening methods at very little cost, not only economically, but also to the environment. Permaculture Design is a way of planning how to use the landscape available to a person or a family, anywhere in the world, to grow food, firewood, medicinal plants, and other things that are needed.  Typically our permiculture plans includes growing plants (annuals like vegetables, and perenials like fruit) and animals without the use of expensive fertilizers and herbicides, which many people in the world cannot afford.  All of the natural farming methods, including composting and mulching, can be incorporated.  


Our demonstration and teaching area is a permaculture food forest including tropical fruit, sugar cane, high protein moringa trees, medicinal plants like aloe and comfrey, and herbs like chives and rosemerry. We use permaculture techniques like buns (rock walls on countours) and huglekulture mounds to make maximum use of rainfall.  We also have bee hives for honey and pollination. Adjacent is a chicken house with laying hens and rabbits in suspended cages, and sheep. 


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