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We want to using our environment responsibly, well and having fun at the same time.

Hawaii is an amazing creation and recreations eco system, things grow well, food can be abundant so we engage in a number of different farming systems.
We are running a Korean Natural Farm, using the techniques of IMO, growing our own LAB and using it in the gardens, with the chickens and the pigs. The KNF provides vegetables to areas of the local community as well as our cafeteria. We have a 3,400 plant aquaponics system, that also provides a range of vegetables to our cafeteria. With in the aquaponics portion of our farm we run a number of trial systems in aquaponics to see what works and what does not.
Our Appropriate Technology Village trials projects and ideas, learning from a wide range of sources, refining what others have done and passing on these skills to our students and taking these ideas to developing countries with teams and seminars.
Bio digesters, PVC water pumps, one bed aquaponics systems, water filters, solar power, construction skills are just some of the things we are involved in.
The things we learn we also teach, holding seminars ranging from one week to a month. These seminars are often grouped together for a three month course.


Food, Energy, Water & Shelter (FEWS) School
Jan 5th - March 29th, 2017


Individual Seminars

Sustainable Agriculture Seminar
Jan 11th - Feb 7th, 2017


Basic Construction Technologies Seminar
February 9th - 21st 2017


Renewable Energy Technologies Seminar
March 8th - 14th 2017


Community Water Technologies Seminar
March 16th - 28th 2017



Permaculture Design

We want to help hungry people grow food. Our focus is on developing and teaching small scale gardening methods at very little cost, not only economically, but also to the environment. Permaculture Design is a way of planning how to use the landscape available to a person or a family, anywhere in the world, to grow food, firewood, medicinal plants, and other things that are needed.  Typically our permiculture plans includes growing plants (annuals like vegetables, and perenials like fruit) and animals without the use of expensive fertilizers and herbicides, which many people in the world cannot afford.  All of the natural farming methods, including composting and mulching, can be incorporated.  


Our demonstration and teaching area is a permaculture food forest including tropical fruit, sugar cane, high protein moringa trees, medicinal plants like aloe and comfrey, and herbs like chives and rosemerry. We use permaculture techniques like buns (rock walls on countours) and huglekulture mounds to make maximum use of rainfall.  We also have bee hives for honey and pollination. Adjacent is a chicken house with laying hens and rabbits in suspended cages, and sheep. 


Harvest Day August 2016


Most Tuesdays is Harvest Day.

We harvest both the Natural Garden and the Aquaponics, getting from fifteen to twenty trays of vegtables.

Lettuce for the Kitchen, along with Kale, Egg Plant, Basil, Bok Choy.

Not all of the vegetables go to the Kitchen we also provide fresh vegetables for a local charity that feeds local people.

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