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Project 21, Work group one

iPhone Image 9767ECJust finished a week with 21 Project.

These guys and girls came to the farm, got dirty and sweaty, and did a pile of work.

We had them harvesting in Aquaponics with Jill & Christine, harvesting in the Natural Farm with Cyndi and Ron, pulling weeds with Tony, cleaning the peracultre with Terry.

Getting to the farm at 7 in the morning was an excellent challenge, with coffee in hand we set to it for an hour. Every one who turned up sure did a lot of work. It is amazing to see what can get done in just an hour in the early Hawaiian morning before it get to hot.

Next week we get the second bunch of Project 21 and the farm will be shiny.

It was great having you EKKO

ekko2017 600Thanks for being with us EKKO.

We had the amazing people of EKKO on the farm for the last quarter.

 EKKO is designed to equip and deploy a new kind of missionary into every sphere of society. With this in mind, we’ve designed this school not just for the head and heart, but also for the hands. Our hope is to give you skills and experience that can translate into real-world practices. This will be accomplished through our conversations within the classroom and your launch into your sphere.

Have a look at their websites.

University of the Nations, Kona.
The Tribe.

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