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Hi, it is great to be back in Kona with LETS, we have had a two year journey to get Tony and myself here, but now that we are here we are enjoying many of the aspects of LETS. I (Christine) spend most of my time in the Aquaponics.



tonyarcusBeing in Kona now, is a great time to explore what God is doing around the world.

Lots of interesting people doing fun and amazing things in the Kingdom, the coming generation is getting ignited for what Jesus is doing. We see teams go out to the corners of the world and come back with transforming stories. It has been a privilege to work with some really neat people on the farm. There is a wealth of knowledge and understanding that is getting transferred in to the next generations. What I have been learning on the farm, from Aquaponics to IMO is really making the future look bright. If you get the chance, come up to the farm, get a tour and catch the bug. 

chrisarcus I love the smells and sights of the farm here in Kona.

We just had a great breeding time with the Fish in our Aquaponics, something like 1,500 to 2,000 swimups. These are now in their new homes and growing.

We have had two fish harvests recently and really enjoying eating what we have grown.

The short term volunteers we have had have been amazing. They love to sweat and get dirty and no job is impossible. From building new Pig Pens, thumping in big re bars or digging ditches. 

We would love to have you with us if you want to do something different while on holiday in Kona.


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