Community Technology Training Track

  • Do you have a passion for helping people who do not have adequate food or clean water?
  • Has God put the desire in your heart to show people God’s love in practical ways?
  • Would you like to join a team in YWAM Kona with the same passion?

We are looking for people who want to learn about natural farming, aquaculture and aquaponics (growing food on water with fish providing the nutrients), community water technology, simple ways to improve sanitation, sustainable energy, and practical small-scale construction.

These tools are part of the two-handed gospel; practically showing God’s love, while sharing the Gospel of Jesus. If your desire is to bring the love of God through practical, hands-on work, then we have created a new training track designed specifically to facilitate your passion.

This program requires commitment and passion for the cause, and a willingness to obey the voice of God. It is a commitment!

After a series of seminars in various technologies, in tandem with a community development school, you will be part of a small outreach team that will have an extended field assignment (of at least 6 months) to a YWAM base somewhere in the developing world. There you will use your training and experience to help the base staff establish a Community Technology Program, thereby multiplying what you have learned to help people who are in need in the area.

Be open to the idea that God may call you to that location long-term, or call you to take what you’ve learned to another location to do the same thing. Become part of the strategy to multiply training in community technology and bring the two-handed gospel to hungry and thirsty people around the world.

Are you in?


Modules on different technologies are open to anyone, whether you are in the training track or not.  Seminars of interest will be posted at http://www.uofnkona.edu 

Community Technology DTS (Discipleship Training School)

The Science and Technology department is in the process of creating a DTS with a Community Technology theme - Creation Care, Wise Stewardship, Sustainable Agriculture, etc.  More information will be forthcoming throughout 2013.



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