Aquaponics December 2017

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Grow it... Build it... Share it...

Get growing with the Life Empowering Technology and Science Department (LETS) at UofN Kona. We are an international team of individuals with a variety of interests, skills, and experience. Our heart is about sharing the “Practical Gospel” — helping families and communities encounter the love of God, and get empowered through Sustainable Technology!

Get equipped at: uofnkona.edu/uofn_courses/aquaponics/
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raft2Get equipped in natural farming, nutrition essentials, construction basics, aquaponics, water and sanitation technologies, permaculture design, renewable energy, and biblical-based community development principles. Get hands-on experience within YWAM Kona’s Natural Farm Training Center and Appropriate Technology Village.


  • Aquaponics system design and construction
  • Evaluating water quality and nutrient stream
  • Selecting suitable fish and plant species for aquaponics
  • Fish health management
  • Plant health management
  • Fish and plant harvesting
  • How can aquaponics be an effective tool for helping individuals, families and communities develop a sustainable food supply, and open doors for entrepreneurship?


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