Appropriate Technology Village


The Appropriate Technology Village (ATV) is a vital part of the Department of Life Empowering Technology & Science on the Kona campus.

The idea behind the ATV is to showcase technologies that can be used around the world which will impact various facets of everyday life. This includes areas such as water, food, fuel, and construction; the very aspects of life that many people struggle to maintain.

The ATV is known as a village because it models the technologies that a family or small community can implement to see real change occur in their lives. We say that it is technology that makes the difference due to the fact that there are basic scientific principles we can put into play that often make large impacts. The most interesting part of the ATV, however, is likely the aspect of being appropriate to the areas we serve. Using words like high-tech or low-tech is not the best description of an area.

To some individuals a computer is considered high-tech while others may think a bucket tied to a rope is high-tech. A better way to say it is through understanding what is appropriate to use in an area. Understanding the people we serve and the technologies that will make the largest impact in their lives is therefore the basis for the ATV.