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The plugin that I have been using for the last few years has stopped working. So I am not playing with

So if you see this on Facebook it means this has worked.

Hidden beauty


Stephanotis floribunda, aka Madagascar Jasmine or Hawaiian Wedding Flower is growing at the Farm. The flowers are lovely and the smell is entrancing. What you see here is it’s mango looking seed pod. Like so many people, something beautiful is lurking inside, ready to share.

One piece can build something amazing!

Cyndi, our weekly blogger

We are using the wordpress app on our phones to do blogging as we work.

We are learning to do things now. If you want to publish and you get the pictures and words during the day in preparation of doing it later it will never happen. 
So use the wordpress app as you work,and just do it now. 

Compost crate

We were having trouble with the edges falling down as we build compost piles. So we took an old pallet, cut it in half and hammered it together into an L.

We now have a moveable, low frame to hold up our piles as we build them. The piles remain in tact once we move the frame for our next pile to build.

Videoing Lectures

Something a little different.

We have a variety of lectures, great information that people use all over the world, but how about an archive of these lectures so you can benefit from amazing people with out the cost of having to come to Kona.

So between the hardware of cameras, mics and smart phones and the software of Google Drive, Youtube and a video editor we want to get our lectures on line.

Camera, we will be using a Canon Vixia HF R50, so not something that is by any means top of the line.

Sound, we will use a smart phone with a mic and recording software.

How will be put it together? Not to sure yet, but do have a look at this video to get an idea of where we are heading.

Beautification Day, September 26th ’16

We just a great morning working at the ATV and up in the Permaculture, weeding, raking, and generally taming this wonderful growing climate of Hawaii.


The farm crew is growing with Liz joining us from San Diego, late of Malta.

You can click the picture to move through the Gallery faster.

The thing about Hawaii is that stuff just grows! The pigs got to eat most of what we got out of the Permaculture area today.

Next week we have 18 students joining us in the farm, to get stuff growing, to get stuff in order, to see what else we can do with this bounty from God. Do drop by if you can, come for a tour in the mornings.

We would love to see up up here. Map



Our Community Garden

So over the last two weeks we have been working at getting water down to the Gardens. Well that is now done.

With the water on, we are getting the fences up, for nothing says smorgasbord to pigs like freshly planed vegetables. We have three plots built and some time soon we will have a Community Day to get people together who what to grow stuff. So Kona Staff, make your interest know here.

Then keep an eye on this calendar for events relating to the farm and to the Community Gardens.

Pigs as fellow workers

So went to install the new gate and my fellow workers where knocking over the tools, pushing the gates around, keeping an eye that I did not slack, and generally getting in the way.

I wanted to figure out how many pigs we had, the first time I counted I got 17, and each count after that changed till I settled on 21. Yes I am pretty sure we have 21 pigs.

And half a dozen cats.

After tomorrow we will try adding to that number.

Rounding up some Pigs, the prep.

We want to recruit some of the free range pigs to join our community of garbage disposal units at the farm.

The invitation pen

It does not look like much, but this is where we get the pigs to come in to.


Piggies we have friends waiting for you.


We will post some more pics once we get a few new additions.

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