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Food Energy Water Shelter & Sanitation


Natural Farm Training Center

People the world over have a fundamental right to be able to grow their own food.
Visit us at the Natural Farm to see what a sustainable garden looks like.
We use expressions from Africa, Korea and places in between.

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We equip people to provide themselves with the necessities of life.

To train trainers, and empower them to change nations.

LETS Kona Natural Farm

People the world over have a fundimental right to be able to grow their own food.
Visit us at the Natural Farm to see what a sustainable garden looks like. Using expressions from Africa, Korea and places inbetween.

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Food - Energy - Water - Shelter - Sanitation

Any given day, countless millions of people around the world are struggling to provide for one or more of the FEWS basic needs.
They may be encountering lack of access to abundant and nutritious food, clean water, secure and sanitary housing, and/or energy to light or heat their home.
There's an opportunity for us to reveal God's love and goodness to people through helping them discover creative and local solutions to their basic needs -- thus helping them move from surviving towards thriving.

Go Midwife


GoMidwife exists to train the next generation of doulas, childbirth educators and midwives.
Our desire is to see birth workers equipped and released throughout the nations to teach and serve women during the childbearing years.


Aquaponics combines raising fish (Aquaculture) with growing plants in water (Hydroponics).
This is done using no soil in a recycling water system.
Beneficial bacteria convert the ammonia produced by the fish into nitrates which feeds the plants.
By absorbing the nitrates, the plants clean the water which is then returned back into the fish tank.
As the water falls from the plant rafts back into the fish tank it absorbs oxygen which aerates the water for the fish, plants, and bacteria.

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Appropriate Technology Village

When we are working in a Developing Country, is the work we are doing helping or hurting?
Are we providing solutions to problems thay have or creating more problems?
Are we providing solution that people want or only what we think they need?

LETS:Life Empowering Technology &Science

is our local expresion of the College of Science and Technology of the University of the Nations.

Around the world the College of Science and Technology will often partner with the College of Humanities and International Studies to provide a large range of courses.

Follow this link to see what is on offer.

The Collage of Science and Technology around te world. 

Welcome to the natural farm. If you have a meal with us you will be enjoying vegtables from this garden.
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Kona is an amazing place but underneath your feet is a lot of rock and not much soil. So true to how we do things, we make our own soil. Teaching our selves and students what it takes to upgrade dirt to soil and make productive gardens.
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We are passionate about making stuff work. So our ATV deministrates many ideas and technologies that we have put to use. We hold schools and seminares and you need not have done a DTS to attend one of our Seminars.
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The Natural Farm offers training and food. We aim to be pratical in all we do, and enjoying eating what we grow.
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Aquaponics might seem technical, but in reality we are working with nature to create a symboitic relationships between our fish and our plants.
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Aquaponics can be large, as in our four float beds. Or small as in our four bed system or the airlift system
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This gives you an idea of the scale of what we are doing. We often harvest over 80kg each week, most of which goes to the Cafeteria.
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During the year we hold a number of seminars, Aquaponics, Community Agriculture, Construction. All under the banner of FEWS.
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Our Garden uses a number of Natural methods to produce our vegtables. 
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